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  • M A Сhuprina

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E-commerce, conversion, SEO - promotion


E-commerce is already very firmly entered into our lives. Every day people are increasingly buying products online. Now creation of such a site for the sale of goods is not a complicated matter. However, with increasing competition, the number of sales, site attendance and effectiveness is raised. One of the main indicators for an Internet site is a conversion. According to researchers, conversion can be defined as the ratio of the number of site users who performed the targeted action on it, to the total number of visitors to the site. Target action on a site can be not only a purchase, but also registration, a link passage or a subscription for newsletters. [1, p.212] Very important is the correct understanding of this concept, since it is from the conversion that the entrepreneur's income depends. The higher the conversion, the higher the revenue. On average, this figure should be 1-2%, if the conversion is less than 1%, then you need to think about finding new sources of customer engagement. Among other most popular methods of attracting users can be highlighted: 1. SEO - promotion. To implement this method of attracting traffic will require technical and internal optimization, as well as editing existing texts and writing new ones in accordance with SEO optimization rules. The texts include the keys that are the requests of visitors to the search engine. Good SEO texts lead to a target audience that is ready to the order or other targeted actions that you need. 2. Contextual advertising. This ad is displayed on Google search engines queries. The benefits of this method of promotion are the speed of launch and attraction of targeted traffic. In order for ads to work effectively, it is important to set up the right ad campaign and continuously monitor the performance of your keywords and ads. 3. Advertising of the goods of the store on the trading platforms. By expanding its products on the sites of product aggregators, online stores immediately appear in the first lines of search engines. Nevertheless, here it is important that your offer is competitive in terms of price and quality, since such sites have a convenient product comparison service. 4. Social networks. Today, social networks are incredibly popular around the world. Advertisers quickly realized that it was a valuable resource for attracting visitors. There are several options for advertising your online store: through an official group, through the placement of ads in other groups (for free or for free) or pay-targeted advertising on social networks. [2, p.51] 5. Advertising in thematic forums. To attract visitors, owners of online stores often place promotional posts in forums, thematically suitable for their products or services. By choosing this way of increasing traffic, it is important to choose the right forum. This will bring a narrowly focused audience to the site. 6. Content Marketing. Writing useful articles on the use of online store products can greatly increase the attendance of the site, as well as the trust and loyalty of customers to your company. 7. Advertising in the media. Media resources include television, radio and print media. With the help of such advertising can reach the public and enhance brand awareness. Therefore, using these methods of site promotion, you can significantly increase its conversion. It is not necessary to refuse their use, as the result of such an approach may not only increase the attendance and effectiveness of the site, but also a better understanding of its target audience.






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